2019 New Hairs Model

While everyone was looking for Paris Couture fashion week for aut haute couture ”fashion, I had a look at the hairstyles for my job. Because this fashion week can be a source of inspiration for different and creative hairstyles. Although many applications are quite exaggerated, sometimes I am interested in the use of a color sometimes a scan or accessory. An idea that appears in my mind directs me to try a new application. Here I wanted to list the models that are worth seeing during these reviews, many of which are often seen on social media.

Of course, after the first place in the Valentino fashion show Kaia Gerber shared with maximum crepe, giant hair took. This model reminded me of the princesses of the past centuries in French palaces, as well as Bridgitte Bardot’s famous half-collections in the 1960s. It was like a mixture of the two. Although I cannot say that I have received any inspiration, it should be on such a list.

Round cut hats from the Alexandre Vauthier fashion show were used. However, a simple hairstyle was preferred. The hair is usually left open with such hats, but I like the hair collected in a very simple style as a ponytail from below. Though not very feminine, it is sophisticated.

At the Christian Dior show, this time he had a minimalist ponytail under the French cap. Hats and horse tails will be very popular in the coming season. The fact that the ponytail was wrapped with a rope reminded me of the 90s, which you can still know about in the 90s.

Antonio Grimaldi fashion show featured a metal hair accessory. Notice that in this application again very quiet hair. So in the past seasons, when metal hair accessories were used, we would see a slightly rebellious model (sprays and reliefs, etc.), but this time it’s a very small and clear bun. And again at the bottom.

The hair accessories in Chanel fashion show and the styling in the forelock were also discussed. I wouldn’t have expected it to be reflected in normal life.

Finally, I want to come to the fake bob segment I saw in Giambattista Valli fashion show. Even though not as exaggerated as Valentino fashion show, long hair creped was hidden in the headband and turned into a model called blunt or bob cut. I think we’ve seen this model in Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid before. Every step they took, social media had been busy for a while to see if the young models who had created a big event had their hair cut. Who knows, maybe those who made this hair were inspired by them.But the real and hidden star of this fashion show was healthy and natural waves hidden behind the net. A good hair care routine is essential for this healthy hair look, which is always my favorite! 🙂


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